Dear students,

Foundation Studies Department in Hanoi University (HANU) is a Department founded in September, 2005. Our mission is to advance new ideas in English language teaching and learning and to be a gateway to our learners' English language excellence.

The entire Foundation Studies Department and staff members are dedicated to accomplishing that mission. But our success depends largely on learners' attitude and commitment to English language improvement.

The primary focus of Foundation Studies Department is on English language teaching and learning for English-based multidisciplinary students in HANU. We emphasize the importance of international standard language tests of IELTS and TOEIC. We offer 3 language courses for official multi-disciplinary students ranging from Basic English Language (BEL) to Academic English and English for Specific Purposes (EAP and ESP).

We strive to create an English Language Learning and Using environment in which Vietnamese learners of English are challenged and inspired to do their best possible learning.

I am pleased to welcome you all to Foundation Studies Department. I hope that you will find your study here both enlightening and enjoyable.

Fond regards,

Nguyen Tien Dzung

Dean of the Foundation Studies Department

Last modified: Monday, 14 September 2015, 09:56 AM